"I want a place in the busiest part of the city but I don't want to hear any traffic noise or see any of my neighbors."

Really?  I'll get right on that for you.

          Joe Chesley

          (360) 689-7112


Property Management

OTR uses BUILDIUM, a web based property management and accounting site.   This allows you, as our client to access our records using your own password, anytime night or day, year round.   You can see tenant information, costs for any repairs, including the actual receipts, leases and various financial reports anytime you want.  Joe makes every effort to update the information weekly.   

If you have any questions or want to discuss any property management issue, please call Joe..

              Old Towne Realty (OTR) only provides property management services for our investment clients. 

OTR Property Manager, Joe Chesley, has been a licensed real estate agent and broker for over 7 years.    Joe's knowledge, understanding and ability to work with tenants and properties has made him a valuable and dedicated asset to OTR.